Peter Rasmussen DVH Panels June 2013


DVH Panels are the continuation of a cycle of works begun in 2005. The basic concept is horizontal (H) and vertical (V) bands of two colours transversed by diagonal (D) bands of another colour that create two sets of diamonds or lozenges in the interstices.                   Using a customized mono-printing technique the bands appear as single brush strokes running from edge to edge of the image. The semi-transparency of the mono-printed brush strokes draws attention to the sequential nature of the process so that one can simultaneously see the geometrical structure and the steps of layered bands that precede and create the form. The present series comprises mono-printing on plywood panels primed with a smooth gesso surface. This has resulted in a further mixing of the crisscrossing brush strokes as they meet on the surface and consequently an ambiguity of precedence: the viewer’s focus shifts and perceives now the horizontal, vertical structure, now the diagonal grid, now the lozenge shapes between. The colour combinations are inspired by artists such as Veronese, Delacroix, Manet, Albers, Palermo, Godard.

DV1005PS   DVHlightbluecadmiumredgreenpink copy

DVH whitebrowngreen                                DVHlightbluecadmiumredgreenpink

75 x 65cm oil on paper , 2005                    oil on plywood panel 36 x 30 cm,2013


DVHblackredgreygreen 2013 oil on plywood panel 36 x 30 cm


DVHblackwhite2 2013 oil on plywood panel 36 x 30 cm


VH24                        VH34

VH Series


DVD/16mm film with sound (beginning 30 sec silent)
sound concept Lionel Grigson
4.33 min

RAUMX_invitation_rasmussen 100dpi prozent_fv_300dpi website