Off the Wall – installation views

View into the studio space with left S. Callery -K. Finklea-S.Dannenberg (right)

H.Ardila ( left) -Kevin Finklea (right)

RAUMX-Letftpartly seen Deb Covell-Simon Callery (middle)-Katrin Bremermann

Katrin Bremermann, 2017(left- Sebastian Dannenberg, Ellis Portable ,2017 (right)

Sebastian Dannenberg, Ellis Portable, 2017

S.Dannenberg, Volume Up, 2017

Hernan Ardila, Untitled, 2016 (left) -Deb Covell, Tightfit, 2016

Deb Covell, Tightfit.2016 ( (wall), partly seen Deb Covell Shroud, 2017

Deb Covell, Shroud, 2017- Simon Callery, Three Piece Leaning Wallpit Painting, 2014