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Britta Bogers Boards and Papers September 2013


RaumX offers from time to time artists to take short term residencies at the space itself in order to work on site in London.  During August 2013 German painter Britta Bogers took residency at RaumX London studio. At the studio she painted new large scale work on paper which she presented beside other work towards the end of her residency .



Britta Bogers (*1964, lives in Cologne) experiments with serial variations on basic abstract forms of colour and line. Starting with graphic formulas, which sometimes recall speech balloons, labels, or cut-out patterns, she creates constellations of elements which resemble each other and cover the surfaces of large sheets of paper. Their arrangement, however, permits the viewer to see obvious deviations, reflecting individual work processes. In this way, Bogers creates an open, provisory visual order, whose internal balance must be continually put to the test—therefore keeping the viewer’s eye in constant motion. On smaller-sized paper and high-density fibreboard the work consist of more compact visual constructs and inventive forms, which Bogers derives from the interplay of painting and drawing.               Stefan Rasche

Britta 5A

Britta 6

Britta 7

Britta 8

Britta for web

Ohne Titel / Without Title                                                         acrylic on paper,16,5×12″,2011