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John Glew Architect October 2013

Beside showing artworks by painters, sculptors and photographers, RaumX is interested in showing works by contemporary architects as well. John Glew’s practise is the first architect presenting his work at RaumX. An introduction was given by Tony Fretton.


John Glew set up John Glew Architect in 1994, having previously worked with Wilfried Wang, Trevor Horne and Dixon-Jones and collaborated with Tony Fretton. He has taught, lectured and exhibited in the UK, Scandinavia and the USA, including at the Royal College of Art, the Architectural Association and the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts where he was Visiting Professor in 1995 and 2001. In 1983 he was awarded the Eileen Gray Travel Scholarship to the USA and in 2007 he was awarded the Statenskunstfund –The Danish National Arts Award– in recognition of his contributions to architecture and culture inDenmark. His work, including articles by Tony Fretton, Mark Pimlott, James Payne, Kjeld Vindum and Thomas Bo-Jensen, has been published internationally,                                                                                                        A specific interest is in the small unsettling, habitual perceptions, which render foreign the familiar, making visible that which has become invisible due to everyday use and absorption in our subconscious. This new-found strangeness begs our examination and thus allows us to see the similarities between dissimilar things. The result of this close examination can often be a heightened awareness of our surroundings. The way things look, in the broadest sense their appearance, is a result of the conditions of their making and this is recognised and enjoyed in all of the work. Its sparse aesthetic lies beyond mere function where limitation is employed as a form of invention, spurring creativity from the recognisable elements of the world around us.


Press Release : A small exhibiton of drawings, models and photographs and proto-types of a broad range of work simply presented – pinned to the wall. Projects include a landscape, public & residential, interior, furniture and design, photography and sketches. An A2 catalogue includes descriptions of projects and texts by both: Tony Fretton – “This is an architecture that has to be experienced and considered, and one that makes the case that spectacle, scale and gesture are no guide to the value of a work of architecture. It is only artistry like this that counts,” and Mark Pimlott – ”The work that John Glew has made here does not point immediately to its status as architecture or even design. In this properly aesthetic work that is directly linked to the body and its knowledge, one is liberated rather than involved in the worship of objects and arrangements.”

With a *102751cropped  catalogue including a short introduction by Tony Fretton.

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Tony Fretton article Architectural Review

Please see here in more detail a description of the projects. John Glew Architect 

RAUMX Invite_Johnglew



Britta Bogers Boards and Papers September 2013


RaumX offers from time to time artists to take short term residencies at the space itself in order to work on site in London.  During August 2013 German painter Britta Bogers took residency at RaumX London studio. At the studio she painted new large scale work on paper which she presented beside other work towards the end of her residency .



Britta Bogers (*1964, lives in Cologne) experiments with serial variations on basic abstract forms of colour and line. Starting with graphic formulas, which sometimes recall speech balloons, labels, or cut-out patterns, she creates constellations of elements which resemble each other and cover the surfaces of large sheets of paper. Their arrangement, however, permits the viewer to see obvious deviations, reflecting individual work processes. In this way, Bogers creates an open, provisory visual order, whose internal balance must be continually put to the test—therefore keeping the viewer’s eye in constant motion. On smaller-sized paper and high-density fibreboard the work consist of more compact visual constructs and inventive forms, which Bogers derives from the interplay of painting and drawing.               Stefan Rasche

Britta 5A

Britta 6

Britta 7

Britta 8

Britta for web

Ohne Titel / Without Title                                                         acrylic on paper,16,5×12″,2011

Peter Rasmussen DVH Panels June 2013


DVH Panels are the continuation of a cycle of works begun in 2005. The basic concept is horizontal (H) and vertical (V) bands of two colours transversed by diagonal (D) bands of another colour that create two sets of diamonds or lozenges in the interstices.                   Using a customized mono-printing technique the bands appear as single brush strokes running from edge to edge of the image. The semi-transparency of the mono-printed brush strokes draws attention to the sequential nature of the process so that one can simultaneously see the geometrical structure and the steps of layered bands that precede and create the form. The present series comprises mono-printing on plywood panels primed with a smooth gesso surface. This has resulted in a further mixing of the crisscrossing brush strokes as they meet on the surface and consequently an ambiguity of precedence: the viewer’s focus shifts and perceives now the horizontal, vertical structure, now the diagonal grid, now the lozenge shapes between. The colour combinations are inspired by artists such as Veronese, Delacroix, Manet, Albers, Palermo, Godard.

DV1005PS   DVHlightbluecadmiumredgreenpink copy

DVH whitebrowngreen                                DVHlightbluecadmiumredgreenpink

75 x 65cm oil on paper , 2005                    oil on plywood panel 36 x 30 cm,2013


DVHblackredgreygreen 2013 oil on plywood panel 36 x 30 cm


DVHblackwhite2 2013 oil on plywood panel 36 x 30 cm


VH24                        VH34

VH Series


DVD/16mm film with sound (beginning 30 sec silent)
sound concept Lionel Grigson
4.33 min

RAUMX_invitation_rasmussen 100dpi prozent_fv_300dpi website