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Mary Maclean and Jo McGonigal – September 2017

Mary Maclean, Campus #7

Mary Maclean 

Mary Maclean’s work in photography explores the intersections of spatial thought and the flux of things that are always on the move, even if captured in the apparently implacable, static, objecthood of the image. She is founder member of the curating group Outside Architecture and was a member of the collaborative artists project Five Years 2010 -2015. She is currently Senior Lecturer at the Royal Academy Schools.

Mary Maclean, Left of Place, A photographic installation exploring the space of borders and thresholds in the everyday structures within architectural environments.

Mary Maclean, Non-Coincidence


Mary Maclean, Outcomes may Vary # 1




Jo McGonigal

Jo McGonigal
Side (cadmium yellow deep) 2016

Jo McGonigal, Dirty Gold, 2016
(Lycra, pigment,wood)

Jo McGonigal  makes spatial paintings out of physical things in real space. The work begins with a visual analysis of historical Baroque painting (e.g. Poussin, Vermeer, etc.) as a basis for understanding painting, not as a fixed identity but as a specific spatial construction with a pictorial and spatial vocabulary. These observations became translated through the construction of three-dimensional spatial paintings as pictorial compositions that reconfigure the space and its architecture, using specific physical things. The exhibition space evolves the work through its spatial characteristics.  In using materials to imply formal and conceptual qualities of transparency, light, opacity, verticality, proximity, distance, McGonigal is dealing with in how they are used a vernacular of painting.

Jo McGonigal,
Close Looking (2015)
Oil on Lycra and Wood
35 x 10 x 7 cm

Jo McGonigal, Rectangles (2015)
Edge of a Silk Scarf / Perspex